When Google Searches Go Wrong

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We’ve all been there — typing something idly into Google to search and all of a sudden autocorrect kicks in, or you fumble something, or you’re lazy, like me; and you’ve ended up in a place on the internet that you weren’t expecting. While Google usually suggests “Did you mean ___” it’s sometimes the case that you get an outcome that’s straight up hilarious.

To celebrate the slips and flubs that lead us to a strange place online, we wanted to take a look at Google searches gone wrong! And remember, if you want to rank for the right keywords (even if people do misspell them sometimes ?) get in touch with us at KDM. Our account managers can chat with you about your online marketing efforts right now on 1300 596 636.

Ariana Ghandi

When searching for pop starlet Ariana Grande it may be that you experience a brain fade and end up staring at this unholy mishmash. Well, there are worse things that can happen on a weekday!

GOT Cats

Searching for the cast of Game of Thrones and you might find yourself staring at this gorgeous and entirely cute mishmash of kitties alongside your GoT faves. We’re not complaining…

Bath Pugs

Searching for bath plugs and your fingers slip? Don’t worry about it – you’re going to be greeted by a whole bunch of adorable and soapy little pugs just waiting to give you googly eyes. Not a bad thing in our opinion.

Tom Tanks

The Hollywood actor is not immune from a finger slip and the resulting outcome is one of mirth. Enjoy Tom Tanks as he charges into your life.


Looking for the gore/comedy film and accidentally stumble upon a meeting of the world’s leaders at Nato? Well, we can’t say you’d be too disappointed with this outcome, to be honest. Probably a heck of a lot more would get done here than at most meetings… jus’ sayin’.

Dog Breads

Looking for a variety of dog breeds? Don’t be sad when this absolute gem of an image pops up and gives you the goods. We can’t argue with the cuteness, and we thing that bread should definitely be an accessory to your pooch more days than not.

Dog train

Toot toot! All aboard the dog train! Well, you were looking for dog training, weren’t you? But in actual fact, you ended up here. And don’t you think that this is a far superior result? Look at their happy little faces! Look at the guy on the tractor! Look at this scene!

Vikings Cats

The cast of Vikings is well worth googling, I assure you, but the cats of Vikings as a mistake is equally worth flinging your eyes on. We love all things Vikings, and all things cats, and to be fair this is a very good outcome. Feast your eyes. And then, well, go and google the cast of Vikings.

Professional Snake

One of our favourites in the office, professional snake. This is what we can only assume to be an abbreviation for professional snake catcher? But in any case, here’s a picture of a snake in a hat.

That was fun! But just in case you’ve got some issues with appearing on Google…

We can help! Not with appearing on Google for the wrong things but for the right ones! (We can probably make you show up for professional snake to be honest… just try us!)

Contact our Google Ads and SEO digital marketing specialists Brisbane for comprehensive advice and guidance on ranking your business online.

Call us now on 1300 596 636 and speak to one of our account managers for all your SEO and digital marketing needs.

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