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Uh oh, your rankings have dropped?

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We often receive emails from businesses who have hired SEO companies in Australia or overseas and have seen massive drop in their Google rankings.

Google Rankings Stress

The two big questions we receive are “Why did this happen?” and “How can we fix this?”.

Depending on what’s caused the issue, there may be no quick fix to this problem so we’ve created this step by step guide so you can see what your SEO company is doing before anything negative happens to your rankings.

If the SEO company that you’ve hired has stats running on your website, ask them to share this data with you so you know what’s happening. If not, ask them to install Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to monitor your website.
Read below just a few of the top web elements that you should check that your SEO company is correctly optimizing.


Website Content

Having duplicate or thin content on your website could be damaging to your Google rankings. When working on a new clients website we like to look through all the pages to make sure it’s rich content that’s of beneficial to it’s customers.

Duplicate Content
When searching for duplicate content, we like to use a tool called Copyscape, which will search Google indexes for other pages with the same data as yours.

If you find duplicate content, it’s best to update yours to avoid any penalties from Google. If they have copied your content, but are a stronger website, you still may be penalised for duplicate content.

Thin Content
Is your content lacking and difficult to read? Are there too many text and no images? Having high quality content isn’t just about higher Google rankings, it keeps your users engaged and can increase your conversions.

Expand on your thin content and make it unique and exciting for your readers.

Keyword Stuffing
Having a lot of the same keywords in your content use to be good a decade ago. These days with Google Penguin and other algorithm updates, it’s best to keep your keywords used only when it makes sense.

If you were to print out your page and have a stranger read it, would you feel comfortable about it? If not, you could be adding the same keywords over and over and it could be affecting your rankings.


Backlink Profile

With the release of Google Panda, your backlinks become a big factor if you’re being penalised by Google or not. Find websites that are linking back to you and ask yourself if it makes sense that they’re linking to you? Would my website be useful to their site visitors?

If you answered no, maybe it’s time to get those links removed.

Check your website backlinks with Open Site Explorer and Google Webmaster Tool.

Overusing Anchor Text Keywords
Do all the backlinks to your website have the same keywords? This looks suspicious to Google and can be affecting your rankings for that page/site. A healthy backlink profile should be diverse while a few links should contain your keywords.

A natural and diverse link profile can be achieved by having great content.

Low Quality Websites
If the majority of your links are from directories or web farm websites, you could be seeing a major drop in Google rankings. Your link profile should be from relevant businesses or sites that naturally discussing your products/service.

Linking Page Diversity
Look to see where all your links are pointing. If you have a few thousand links pointing to your homepage but just a few to the sub pages, this could look a little suspicious to Google and may ring alarms to Google.

Contact some of those websites and ask them to update your link to a better page on your website. If you don’t have a better page, maybe it’s time to create one.


Onsite Optimisation

Having poor title tags and Meta descriptions could not only affect rankings but it also makes it less likely for someone to click your website on the results page. Browse your website code and check the following for all your pages.

Check Title Tags
The title of your page should contain your main keywords once towards the beginning of the message. The length of the title tag should be 70 characters or less and should display a benefit to your service i.e. “24/7 support”, “Cheap Rates from $28” etc.

Update URL
Your website URL should accurately describe what your page is about. Having an inaccurate or very long page name could affect your rankings negatively. Keep your URL structure short and user friendly for your site visitors.



If you suspect your SEO Company isn’t performing the right optimisation techniques, ask them for a full report on what they’re doing and question them. Show examples of website issues and links.

Would you like a free website audit? Contact us today and we will analyse your website.

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