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Is Your Business on Social Media?

With almost 8 in 10 Australians now using social media and 50% of the population logging into Facebook on a daily basis, social media is a fantastic way to engage with your audience, no matter who they are. But not every business has the time or knowledge to utilise social media effectively.

Whether you’re brand new to social media or you’ve had social media pages for a while and simply aren’t generating the return you want from them, Kymodo can help.

Social media is a fantastic way to build awareness, authenticity and trust for your brand by creating and sharing useful, interesting and entertaining content that’s valuable to your audience.

Brisbane Social Media Marketing With Kymodo

At Kymodo, not only will we manage your social media pages as well as create and share social media posts on your behalf, but we will also put best practices and strategies in place to grow your social media performance and ultimately help turn those social media followers into customers.

As experts in the field, we always stay up-to-date with the latest social media trends. We have the know-how to manage your social media pages correctly and ensure you get the most out of them to benefit your business.

There are so many ways to spread the word about your business on social media, and at Kymodo, we will work with you to develop the very best social media marketing strategy to help your business grow.

Our Social Media Services

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is all about making the most of social platforms to provide real and tangible results for your business. This involves developing and implementing a strong social media presence for your brand that helps foster brand awareness and increases traffic to your social media pages and website. We put a social strategy together that’s tailored for your business and ensure everything created and shared on social media has a purpose and aligns with your brand and company goals.

Social media management

We will handle all the primary tasks involved in maintaining a social media presence for your business. From creating and scheduling posts to monitoring and reporting on key analytical data, when your social media accounts are managed by us, all the work and stress is taken off your hands. Get your time back and pass the responsibility onto a team who knows how to get the most out of social media. Simply look over and review the posts we create on your behalf, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Social media consulting

Are you already taking care of the social media accounts yourself but would like a little help along the way? A social media consulting package may be the right fit for you. We will offer advice on all things social, whether it be feedback and edits to your posts and campaigns or more detailed insights and walkthroughs on how to create and implement elements properly on social media.

Social media advertising

Unlike traditional media, with social media advertising, your business will be promoted to a highly relevant audience who are genuinely interested in the product or service you are selling – giving you better value for money and a higher return on investment. In fact, Facebook is considered to be one of the most targeted advertising platforms available today. We will determine the best social media platform to advertise on for your business, design and implement the whole campaign and select a highly relevant and targeted audience to promote to.

Why choose Kymodo for social media marketing  

When handing over the reins of your social media pages, you need to know that the people managing your account know what they’re doing. At Kymodo, our social media marketing specialists have what it takes to deliver an excellent social media marketing campaign and here’s why:

  • Create & manage the best social media pages for your business

    Not sure what social media platforms your business should be on? We will choose the very best platforms for you, create compelling social media pages and manage all platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

  • Tailored social media strategy

    We will work with you and undertake extensive research to create a tailored social media strategy that includes goals, content pillars, target market, competitor analysis and clear steps for how your social media campaign will progress. Once the strategy is done, we can get to work!

  • Content development

    We get the balance right between promoting your business and sharing content your audience will enjoy on all social media platforms. We will collaborate with you to create a variety of original, sourced and client supplied content in the form of articles, photos, graphics and videos to boost engagement, likes, shares and ultimately conversions.

  • Scheduling social media posts

    It’s vital to maintain a regular post schedule with high-quality posts to show that your business is thriving. We keep your social media accounts updated with regular and current content, and we always schedule posts in ahead of time for your approval before going live.

  • Create targeted social media advertising campaigns

    No social media strategy is complete without social media advertising. Social media advertising allows you to expand your reach and awareness beyond your current followers to meet specific business goals. Along with providing advice on budgets, goals and creatives, we will produce, implement and monitor all social media advertising and apply our expertise to select the very best platform and target market for your advertising campaign to deliver the highest possible return for you.

  • Regular contact and support

    Your dedicated account manager will offer social media advice and support when you need it via email, phone and in person. We will maintain regular contact and collaborate with you to ensure your business is accurately reflected across all social platforms at all times.

  • Social media monitoring, comments & messages

    Your social media pages will be monitored regularly for performance and to keep track of comments or messages that come through. We will either respond to these messages on your behalf or advise you of these comments and messages so you can respond yourself. Whether you are overwhelmed by messages or you only get a handful of questions from clients, it is important that all queries are responded to promptly in your brand’s best voice.

  • Monthly report

    Stay informed about the progress of your social media pages with a monthly report that includes key statistics about your overall social media performance and the results of your advertising campaigns.

Get More Out of Social Media With Kymodo

If you want to attract relevant followers to your social media pages, push out meaningful content that accurately reflects your business and help turn those followers into customers, Kymodo has the skills, knowledge and talent to put your business front and centre on social media.

Contact our Brisbane social media marketing agency on 1300 596 636 to receive a free social media quote today.

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