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Search Engine Optimisation | Kymodo

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is an integral part of any digital marketing strategies. SEO is optimizing a website to ensure that it ranks on search engines from an ‘Organic’ perspective. An Organic listing in search engines are those that appear without a ‘Paid’ icon next to them. There is no bidding on keywords like there is with Paid Advertising such as Google and Bing Ads. To attempt to achieve the top position in search engines in the organic listings, there are multiple techniques that can assist this, such as internal linking, meta tag optimisation and outbound link building.

Google Ads | Kymodo

Paid Advertising (Google Ads)

Paid Advertising, also known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing), is another key pillar for most digital marketing strategies. SEM focuses on creating campaigns within search engines marketing platforms, such as Google Ads, and then bidding on keywords/key phrases to hopefully achieve the first position in search engines in the paid section (those three or four listings at the top of the search results with the ‘Paid’ icon next to them). Paid Advertising is an extremely effective digital marketing strategy for Ecommerce sites giving the inclusion for things like Google and Bing Shopping.

Social Media Marketing | Kymodo

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is becoming one of the most prevalent pillars in a digital marketing strategy. With social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, consuming our everyday lives, it would borderline negligent to not explore the possibility of Social Media Marketing. Advertising on social platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn is an extremely effective tool in creating brand awareness and generating leads. On average, people spend over two hours a day on some sort of social media platform. That is two hours you could spend putting your brand if front of potential leads.

Content Marketing | Kymodo

Content Marketing

The age-old adage is still true today when it comes to digital marketing; content is king. Having a website is great and all, but how are people meant to find your website on search engines? If you have above the line advertising then brand awareness will certain play a part, but who has the budget for billboards and TVC’s? Content is how people will find you on search engines. But gone are the days where you could just stuff a thousand keywords on a page and claim first position in the search engines. Nowadays the content needs to be engaging, relevant and answer the user’s intent. That is where Content Marketing comes into play.

Web Design | Kymodo

Web Design

It is pretty straight forward. To run a business online, you need a website. But the difference between a poorly build website to one that hums could be the difference between finishing the financial year in the red or turning over a profit. Web Design and Web Development are two things that should not be taken lightly, and not just for user experience. A website that is hard to navigate, loads slow and isn’t mobile friendly will not do well when it comes to SEO, and will surely deter those who land on the site from some form of Paid Advertising. It is imperative that your website ticks all the boxes when it comes to both SEO and user experience.

Digital Consulting | Kymodo

Digital Consulting

A Digital Consultant is a jack of all trades, master of some. They are well versed in most aspects of digital marketing and are usually like a project manager, ensuring the right aspect of a digital marketing plan is going to the right team member.

For larger companies, a digital consultant is imperative, because there are so many moving parts and no one person can effectively handle all tasks by themselves. They ensure things are handled from a SEO aspect, the Paid Media spend is going to places to create a positive ROI, the website is looks and feels professional and the company is reaching it’s audience on all social media platforms.

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