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Put your Melbourne business in front of the right audience with a targeted SEO campaign from Kymodo. With our 100% White Hat tactics and proven results, you know you’re working with some of Australia’s best! Contact us today for your FREE SEO Health Check and push your business to the next level.
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We’ve Worked With

  • 360 Finance
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Cover Australia
  • TOW
  • Carpet Call
  • Abel
  • Janome
  • Levanta
  • Culture Kings
  • Home Corp Group
Client Testimonial
“As the owner of StarWest Party Hire I engaged Kymodo to help us improve both our website and rankings.With a few weeks the phones started to ring like never before. Our rankings are up and staying up and we are very satisfied customers. These guys are at the top of the game. Highly Recommended.

Greg Parsons – Star West Party Hire

Get Your Free SEO Health Check Now!

At Kymodo we like to take the educational approach to our SEO Melbourne service, starting with our Free Health Check. This report is a manual process done by one of our experienced team and is designed to give you a solid understanding of how your site sits currently, what needs to be changed and how much it’s going to cost you to fix.

Your Health Check includes:

  • Keyword ResearchSee what terms people are using every month to find your product and just how many people are looking for what you have to offer
  • Keyword Ranking ReportTake a look at where your website currently ranks for the important terms highlighted in the keyword research. Can you be found?
  • Report CardGet a simple overview of the important elements of your website and how they currently stack up; see at a glance just where your site is lacking most
  • ProposalInformation about modern SEO in Melbourne, our service and a monthly cost.

Once complete we do prefer to run through the report with you to explain the important points along the way but all of our SEO Health Checks are completely obligation free. No pressured sales tactics or nonsense, just a detailed report and proposal.

You’ve got nothing to lose and more business to gain!

Absolutely No Lock-In Contracts

With our unique combination of proven results and great communication, we don’t see any reason why you should be locked into a contract. We believe that because we do the right thing by you and provide you with the results and increased income, you’ll want to stay. There are no “gotchas” in the fine print, we just ask for 30 days notice if you do decide to stop the campaign. This is simply so we can tidy up any loose ends and leave you with a polished product that you can be just as proud of as we are!

Outstanding Communication

Stay up to date with how your SEO campaign is progressing and what changes are planned for your site. Whether you’re a Melbourne city law firm or a small Thornbury shop front, you should know exactly what’s being done on your website and how the campaign is progressing.

Our experienced team have this down to a fine art so right from the very first week you’ll have regular contact from your assigned SEO Account Manager to keep you in the loop every step of the way. We aim to be part of your marketing team, not just an outsourced solution!

  • Get a phone call from your assigned SEO Account Manager within 48 hours of project commencement as an introduction to discuss the finer details of your site
  • Receive a 3 phase plan built specifically for your website and goals so you know exactly what we’ll be doing in coming months
  • Have the option to receive drafts of your website and blog content before it goes live so you know exactly what’s going on your site
  • Get regular updates throughout the month on how your campaign is going
  • Receive a detailed monthly report that shows how your rankings have changed in the past month, how people are interacting with your site and what tasks have been finished. You’ll also be given a summary of the next month’s plan for your reference too so you’re never left in the dark!
  • 24/7 access to our online Ranking Portal so you can check the visibility and keyword rankings for yourself. You always have complete access to all of your ranking data for the life of the campaign.
  • Direct access to your Account Manager if you ever have any questions
  • A local, friendly and experienced team that you can sit down with face to face; we don’t outsource a thing!

All of this combined with some of the industry’s best content and consistent results means you know exactly where your marketing budget is going and you’re in safe hands every step of the way.

Melbourne Content Marketing Solutions

100% White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO Melbourne
White hat SEO tactics are about making high quality, ethical updates to your site that improve both user experience and long term results at the same time. It means generating real content and earning real backlinks from related businesses and that’s exactly what you can expect from Kymodo.

There’s no doubt that black hat techniques do work but they do come at a potential cost. Because black hat SEO goes against the Google guidelines, every time they release a major update to the search algorithm you risk having your site penalised meaning your site loses all visibility in the search results and all organic traffic you were receiving. In some instances this can be enough to ruin a business and it simply isn’t worth the risk.

With high quality white hat SEO you get a quality service that works within the search engine guidelines and gives your visitors a better experience. After all, a quality campaign is about attracting traffic that converts, not just rankings!

No Outsourcing

Every single part of the Kymodo team are located right here in Australia, literally nothing is outsourced offshore at all and we choose to do this for two reasons:

Exceptional Quality Standards

All of our work is held to an incredibly high standard. This includes everything from content writing to link building and everything in between and from our experiences, the work involved in keeping this high standard is best achieved by staying local.

Great Communication

Because we place so much value on effective communication, we want to have our team available for fast and effective communication during work hours, every day. We like to avoid the potential for language barriers and time differences by having everyone right here in the office.

This business model does put us in the minority in Melbourne but we believe it’s just one small factor that works toward the fantastic SEO experience we provide.

What Modern SEO is All About

As the world of search marketing continues to evolve, so too does our job description. In the early days of SEO all we ever really focussed on what moving websites up in the search results. If a website was moving ahead in the SERPs then the campaign was considered a success.

Following some major changes to search algorithms in the past couple of years has means optimisation now goes far beyond site changes. In fact, the line between an SEO service and general “marketing” continues to blur. We’re now responsible for a much broader scope, growing your website traffic and brand strength through social media campaigns, education and information through great blog posts, building relationships with relevant industry names and in some cases, defining a company’s public voice and image.

Put simply, search engine optimisation is now about growing relevant traffic and brand awareness by all means possible! With our team of experienced SEOs, content writers, design and development we really do have everything covered under the one roof!

Measuring Data That Matters

Since the aim of SEO has changed so drastically, its important to keep track of data that tells the real story of how your website has progressed.

As part of our monthly report, you’ll receive an overview of the below factors so you can see the real impact of our efforts:

Tracking each of these items lets us tell the real story of how your website has improved as we can demonstrate improvements in how many people have managed to find your brand, how they interact with it and how many of these people have either purchased online or contacted you in some way.

You need to see the value you’re getting from your investment so we only track the data that matters and send it to you every month in a simple format that’s easy to follow.

A Great Campaign Starts with Keyword Research

With the amount of work involved in modern SEO, its so important that your campaign is targeting exactly the right terms from the very beginning as changing your focus 12 months in can undo countless hours of work!

Take a look at the example below; taking the same two words and reversing them gives us more than 7 times the number of average searches per month!

Keyword Avg Monthly Searches
SEO Melbourne 1900
SEO Company Melbourne 590
Melbourne SEO 210

As part of our SEO Health Check we always do some basic keyword research to give you an  idea of the number of people searching for your product each month and exactly which terms they’re using. Once the campaign begins, your assigned SEO Account Manager will then take a closer look at these keywords and confirm everything is 100% accurate before the first bit of work is done.

As the search engines continue along the path of truly understanding your content and user intent, the simple task of finding the right terms grows more complex.

The toughest part about this is working out what your target audience is really looking for when they perform their search and making sure you provide the solution. For example, a small restaurant in Sunshine will find little benefit from targeting the competitive term “restaurants Melbourne” since the vast majority of searchers will be seeking somewhere to eat in the CBD. On the other hand, tourist attractions as far out as Geelong or even Phillip Island could expect plenty of relevant traffic from terms like “things to do in Melbourne” or “tourist attractions Melbourne”. Its really all about knowing your audience and what they’re trying to achieve.

Our combination of experience and collaboration means you’re getting a quality, targeted campaign right from the first day so there is absolutely no time lost; you start gaining momentum from the start and can expect to see returns sooner.

Earn Traffic That Converts

As your site begins to move its way up in the rankings you’ll begin to see more traffic which is fantastic, but then what happens?

As part of our SEO packages we don’t just work on increasing your search engine rankings, we also have an in-house designer and developer on hand to make sure all changes we apply are focussed around bringing quality, targeted traffic.

Through well-structured page titles and meta descriptions and strong content users can see exactly what your site is about and what you have to offer quickly so virtually all traffic driven to your site is relevant and likely to convert (ie purchase your product online, fill out your contact form etc).

The true aim of any Kymodo SEO campaign is to drive more sales for your business so you see the fastest possible return on your marketing spend.

Strong Focus on All the Key Elements

Google’s algorithm considers over 200 factors to determine the rank for each page! While that obviously makes an SEO’s job quite complex, our team have the experience and systems in place to take care of them all, fast.

Some of the more important elements we focus on in your campaign include:

  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Image alt text
  • Page content
  • Quality, relevant backlinks
  • Site structure and navigation

With each of these broad categories revised and updated on your site, we’ll have you well on the way to seeing ranking improvements and driving your business further.

Expert Penalty Removal

Every year Google makes over 500 updates to their algorithm. While most of these are minor updates that make little difference to the search engine optimisation industry, they occasionally release major updates which drastically change the way they look at certain elements.

Unfortunately for websites using poor SEO techniques, this can mean they’re hit with a penalty meaning Google considers them to be a low quality, spammy site and they are either removed from the rankings all together or pushed back several pages where they’re unlikely to be seen. Take a look at our Google Penalty Removals page for more info on these updates and how each of them changed the SEO industry.

We’re proud to say that our 100% white hat tactics mean we have never been responsible for landing any of our clients in a penalty situation!

Recovering from these situations takes a well-structured and targeted effort and this is something Kymodo is only too familiar with.

Penguin Penalty (Offsite Elements)

A Penguin penalty is the most common type we find ourselves fixing for new clients. This is generally the result of building large numbers of links to their site from low quality or irrelevant websites.

Fixing this problem is very time consuming and requires a lot of manual work, sorting the good links from the bad and categorising each one so we can see exactly what we’re up against.

From there we prepare a Google Disavow file to effectively ask Google to ignore the bad links we’ve nominated. Unfortunately that’s just the easy part! As the Moz clip below outlines very well, the work doesn’t end there! (Be sure to check out the full post from Moz)

Once the disavow process is complete, we then begin manually contacting each website via phone, email and contact forms, requesting they remove the link to your website. This process can take several attempts over a number of months but with consistent efforts in the right area, its your only hope of a fast recovery.

In some very rare occasions, we will delve deeper into your backlink profile and find that the time and cost involved in recovery is not a viable option. If this is ever the case, you will see much faster results by simply moving your existing site to a new domain and building some quality backlinks instead. This is something to be considered on a case by case basis and is very rarely required.

Panda Penalty (Onsite Elements)

The most common way for a website to get hit with a Panda penalty is excessive use of duplicate content. Every now and then we come across a new client who has two websites with identical content and layout and this is a massive no-no for search engine optimisation!

The good news is, this is a much easier fix. Generally speaking its as simply as redirecting the secondary website so both users and search engines always arrive at your main website – problem solved, no  more duplicate content! It will then take some time before you start to see strong ranking improvements but with the problem fixed, it then becomes a fairly typical SEO campaign.

The other danger we do come across from time to time is using the same content on multiple pages across your website. Similar to having a duplicate website, large amounts of duplicate content makes for a poor user experience and this is exactly what Google wants to avoid.

To fix this particular issue our content writers will produce high quality, unique content for each of those pages.

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