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The Gold Coast has always been a hotspot for business opportunities. Ensure your brand is getting the digital limelight it deserves and stop your leads going to the competition with the help of Kymodo – a nationally renowned SEO provider.

  • Absolutely no lock-in contracts – we let your returns speak for themselves
  • Dedicated account manager – on the Gold Coast so you will always speak to a familiar face
  • Complete access to every aspect of your campaign for total transparency
  • Outstanding communication means you’re never left in the dark
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With our customised 3 Phase Plan designed to meet your unique objectives, we’ll work together to take your company to a whole new level!

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We’ve Worked With

  • 360 Finance
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Cover Australia
  • TOW
  • Carpet Call
  • Abel
  • Janome
  • Levanta
  • Culture Kings
  • Home Corp Group
Client Testimonial
“Rescued from the mire of the ‘overseas SEO experts’ by a company less than 2km from the office! Was skeptical at first after previous bad experiences and countless overpriced quotes, but am now pleasantly surprised and grateful for the results achieved. Long may it continue!

Mark Rogers – Surface It

A Local Team of Experts, Right Here on the Gold Coast

Two factors determine the reward you gain from your SEO campaign: the quality of the work put in and the frequency and standard of communication your agency offers.

Our entire team is based in Australia, with a local branch situated on the Gold Coast. Whether you just need to check in on how your campaign is doing, or would like to arrange a face to face meeting, we’re always a phone call or short drive away.

SEO is an ever-changing industry, which is why we invest in weekly internal training sessions to ensure every member of our Gold Coast team is at the top of the game. When it comes to hiring SEO providers, you need the backing of a team that is professional, experienced and always striving to grow.

Lock-in contracts? NO WAY!

Nobody likes lock-in contracts. Why? Because your marketing strategy should be driven by results, not obligation.

We are confident that once you see your campaign’s returns, you’ll want to keep your marketing spend with us.

A strong Search Engine Optimisation program means a website that showcases the value of the work you do and generates leads that want what you’ve got. You provide the product, we do the groundwork, and all that’s left for you to do is seal the deal.

Remember, a compelling campaign isn’t an expense, it’s an investment in raising your bottom line.

White hat tactics for long-term gains

odo-excitedEthical, white hat SEO tactics are our modus operandi. Sure, black hat SEO works at first, but the long-term effectiveness of your website isn’t work sacrificing for a short-term gain.

We deliver long lasting results, so our clients don’t have to stress every time a Google update is rolled out.

With a Kymodo SEO campaign enhancing your website, Google algorithm changes will actually help you by simultaneously rewarding your use of proper strategy and penalising any of your competitors caught using black hat techniques.

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Communication & transparency that goes above and beyond

Every time a savvy business person carries out a transaction, they understand the exact purpose of that expenditure.

Our campaigns are comprised of clearly defined processes that our local Gold Coast team are always on hand to discuss.

From the moment you sign on the dotted line, you’ll be assigned a personal account manager who will contact you within one business day to go over the information they have for you so far and begin developing a campaign tailored to your goals.

  • Straightforward monthly ranking reports to show you how your site is performing in the Google search results.
  • Weekly and monthly traffic comparisons that report the exact volume of traffic Google search results are driving to your website every week/month.

Reporting all of the figures, not just rankings

Robust campaigns involve much more than simply chasing Google rankings. A powerful SEO strategy incorporates multiple strands that all come together to increase your profits.

You’ll always know exactly how strong your online presence is with Kymodo’s SEO reports, which break down your website’s performance based on several measurable indicators, including:

  • Search Engine Rankings
    Where your website ranks for multiple keyword search terms
  • Organic Traffic The number of visitors who found your website through a search results page and clicked through to it
  • Referral Traffic The number of visitors who found your website on another page and clicked through to it
  • Goal Conversions The number of visitors completing ‘goals’ on your website. These could be completing an online contact form, purchasing a product or subscribing to your newsletter.
  • Bounce Rate The percentage of users who click on your website but then leave straight away
  • Average Visit Time The average time visitors spend on your site
  • Pages Per Visit The number of pages average users view before leaving your site

By collating and sharing this information with you on a regular basis, we make sure you can track your campaign’s progression from the get-go.

Not only do you see what search engines think of your site, but you can also see how real users are interacting with it as well.

Campaigns based on your bottom line

Reach the Right People at the Right TimeThe reason we have so many satisfied, loyal clients is simple: we want what you want.

If your website is bringing you more business, we’re happy.

If you’re concerned about where your campaign is at, we’re concerned.

We want you to feel like Kymodo is more than an external contractor you’ve hired to take care of one aspect of your marketing. We want to be considered a part of your team. After all, when it comes to our SEO Gold Coast service, the lines of communication are always open.

What your free SEO audit includes

Our no-obligation website audit is just that – a 100% commitment-free insight into the health of your business’ website as it is today.

How does it work?

First, one of our friendly team will call you for a brief discussion of your website’s history and your business’ goals. This 5-10 minute chat will help give Kymodo an understanding of what you want to achieve from your SEO campaign, and will allow us to tailor an assessment based on your specific objectives.

Second, we’ll arrange a meeting with you to discuss our findings. We’ve found a face to face meeting is usually much more fruitful for our clients than sending through a cumbersome report overloaded with technical information.

Third, we’ll leave a copy of our report with you, with a formal proposal of our pricing options for your campaign attached. This website audit is in an easy to digest report card format and explains all the technical jargon so you can know what to look for when choosing an SEO company.

Our reports contain information on each of the following:

  • Page Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Headings
  • Image Alt Text
  • Content
  • Site and Navigation Structure
  • Page Load Speed
  • Call to Action
  • Summary of Your Backlink Profile
  • Overall User Experience

Using all of this information, we’ll give you a clear picture of how much value your site currently has, and create a package that will measurably increase this value.

How the beginning of your campaign will look

Before a compelling SEO strategy can be implemented, the risks and opportunities unique to your business must be evaluated. When creating your strategy, the first processes we initiate are:

Kymodo Campaign

Phrase Research

Developing a research-based keyword strategy is essential to creating an effective SEO campaign. Keywords are one of the primary ways to raise your position for search terms that deliver the return on investment you need. Using Google Keyword Planner, Webmaster Tools, Analytics and Adwords, we will work with you to select the best keywords with respect to search volumes and target market.

Competitor Analysis

No marketing strategy is complete without a thorough investigation of where you stand concerning your competition. Our account managers research the strength of your competitor’s online positions, so we can give you an accurate idea of the timeframe required to achieve your rankings, traffic and ROI.

Commence Project

Once the groundwork is completed, we then apply all of the information we’ve acquired in the research phase. The first thing your account manager will do is map out then commence Phase 1 of our 3 Phase Plan (below).

Kymodo’s Unique 3 Phase SEO Plan

Everyone wants fast, visible results. That’s why we’ve developed a 3 phase plan to determine and prioritise which of the hundreds of factors involved in SEO will contribute most to your campaign’s success.

When it comes to SEO, different strategies contribute different kinds of value to your campaign. Some get immediately visible results while others take months and add more long-term value to your website. We structure your campaign around this 3 phase plan to make sure we complete the tasks that achieve the fastest return first

3 Phase SEO Strategy

Phase 1

Google Ready


  • In-depth website audit
  • Fix any website errors found
  • Resolve any pressing spam issues
  • Set up Google systems for data tracking
  • Improve backlink profile if required
  • Begin content and onsite changes
  • Submit site to local listings

Phase 2

Increase Rankings


  • Begin content for secondary pages
  • Inspect user data for improvement targeting
  • Blog post planning and approval
  • Initiate link building strategy
  • Begin producing blog posts
  • Implement conversion optimisation

Phase 3

Long Term Success


  • Schedule further blog post ideas
  • Continue link building strategy
  • Continue producing new blog posts
  • Continue link building outreach
  • Highlight other services that can further improve ROI