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“Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.”
– Doug Kessler

What’s the Deal with Hiring Professional Content Developers?

Contact KymodoWe believe that producing content that’s consistently relevant, informative and delivered in your brand’s best voice is both an art and a science. Skillful content marketing is what separates the nobodycares.coms from the world’s premier digital destinations.

Copywriting for SEO purposes requires technical knowledge, artistic flair and marketing smarts. Read on to see how our content specialists can bring this winning combination to your business’ website – no matter what your product, service or field may be!

Writing Copy that Humans & Robots Enjoy

When it comes to recommending online content, Google doesn’t want to waste its user’s time. That’s why it is continually implementing and updating algorithms that weed out websites offering users little to no value, and reward the sites with content that meets the user’s search intention.

The task of the SEO content specialist is to write content that appeals to both Google’s robots and its users – and this is no mean feat!

Our content specialists are talented wordsmiths who have been specially trained to write for the online arena. With our help, your website will be loaded with content that is:

  • Searchable – Recognised by Google’s algorithms
  • Readable – Enjoyable and interesting to read
  • Valuable – Meeting visitor’s search intent
  • Profitable – Steers readers towards fulfilling your business objectives

User Value: The New Way Ranks are Determined

Google is using one key factor to determine the worth of a website’s content: How much comparative value its web pages are delivering to the reader beyond blatant self-promotion.

When people search Google for a particular term or set of keywords, they are doing so with a specific intent in mind. This intent could be to locate a web page they already know about, find the answer to a question, or compare prices for a product or service.

We don’t write content for just anyone who happens to stumble onto it – our content writers know your audience, recognise their intent, and fulfil this need using the tone, vocabulary and approach that resonates most with your target market.

Why Search Engine Optimisation Matters

odo-excitedMany businesses understand that their websites need content, but, underestimating the importance of search engine optimisation, they do what companies have always done when they need copy – they hire copywriters.

The problem is – with billions of words being uploaded to the internet every minute– without SEO, the most beautifully crafted and technically correct writing will never see the light of day.

We train our staff to produce content that rises above the rest. This is made possible by combining our staff’s natural flair for writing with the application of well-researched SEO knowledge. Our content SEO techniques include:

Headlines are the first, and often the only impression a site’s potential visitor will have. David Ogilvy, the “Father of Advertising,” puts it best:

“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

When it comes to headlines, the only difference between the 1960’s advertising Ogilvy created and the digital marketing of today is that now headlines must be both intriguing and naturally keyword targeted.

With Kymodo’s content team working on your behalf, you’ll have headlines delivering the click through rates your business deserves.

Allow us to use a devastatingly terrible analogy to explain how keywords affect your content’s value: Keyword insertion is like the frosting on your content cake. Without it, nobody knows or cares about your cake. Just a little can get customer’s attention – but if the cake (content) is terrible, no amount of frosting (keyword insertion) can save it. And don’t even consider forgetting the cake and just piling on the frosting, because the end result of that is just unpalatable.

What is the point of this cringe-worthy comparison? To show you that keywords are essential but must be dealt with properly. Their purpose is to direct users and crawlers to your website, but it’s up to you to keep them there with your tasty content.

These days, even if you don’t enter the exact wording of what you’re looking for into Google, the search engine will still use its algorithms to get the gist of what you’re trying to find and provide the corresponding results.

This technology, called “Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)”, brings up search results that match what Google believes to be the user intention.

In addition to using keyword targeting, our content specialists will boost the visibility of your page by using alternative keywords and different grammatical variations of keywords to make sure your business easily appears in a range of different search enquiries.

When it comes to website optimisation, not everything is a competition. Including links within your content to both other domains (authoritative and credible, of course) and your own domain helps your SEO in two ways:

  • It provides your visitor with more value, which is always good for rankings.
  • It increases the strength and authority of your domain, which will make you more visible in the long run.

At Kymodo, account managers use tools like Ahrefs to assist our content team in including in-text links that will add value to your pages.

Aside from the aforementioned SEO techniques, there is a multitude of other ways our content writers optimise business’ web pages. These include the:

  • Use of proper spelling and grammar to keep the robots happy and your image professional.
  • Optimisation of formatting to include bullet points, lists, italic and subheadings to capture reader’s attention.
  • Organisation of content to deliver the most relevant information to the users first.
  • Use of calls to actions to give visitors a clear path towards fulfilling your business objectives.
  • Incorporation of competitor and audience research when planning content, to give your website a competitive advantage.

Not only must all of these factors be considered by a content writer, but they all must also be applied correctly. The success of our content writer’s work – particularly landing pages – comes back to the corresponding Google rankings. Google uses metrics like bounce rate, click-through rate and time spent on a page to determine how valuable your content is and how highly your business’ site will rank. And we use rankings to bring your website the traffic that will make you money.

Does an SEO Campaign Need to Include Content Services?

Businesses should be very wary of companies offering SEO campaigns that don’t include a significant focus on content development.

To get results, these SEO providers often need to rely on black hat tactics like:

  • Automating content
  • Doorway pages
  • Hidden links and text
  • Keyword spamming
  • Unethical redirects
  • Cloaking
  • Purchasing links
  • Anchor text manipulation
  • Malicious HTML elements

Google is now better than ever at identifying, ignoring, and in some cases penalising these dodgy tricks used by companies with a content-light approach. So, even if these techniques do result in some initial SEO improvements, the long-term damages they inflict will always outweigh any short-term gains they incur.

Optimising Existing Content

Often times, our clients have spent money on content creation in the past only to find it has had little impact on their business’ bottom line.

A good way to see where your current content stands is with the help of a couple of free online tools:

Adjusting your existing content so that it gives your visitors value is one of the easiest ways we help you get your business into the limelight. Our writers are trained to apply SEO to existing content wherever possible, so that you can see a return on the investment you’ve already made in your digital assets, without having to conduct full rewrites.

Landing Pages

optimising-contentYour landing pages are the foundation that your whole campaign rests upon, which is why they are our first content priority. With over 81% of consumers researching online before they make major purchases, a set of high-quality landing pages is one of the best investments in your business you can make.

We will give you insights into the kind of landing pages that you need, prioritise the creation of these based on which will give your business the most immediate value, then task our in-house content writers with making a set of exceptional landing pages for you.

And, when your landing pages are made correctly, they won’t need major revisions later down the track when new algorithms and updates are released, so they’ll incur virtually no upkeep or replacement costs.

Why Bother with Blogs?

There are literally millions of blogs being produced every day, and with so many people blogging simply for the sake of blogging it is getting harder and harder to cut through the noise.

However, blogs are an essential part of your strategy. Why? Because they allow you to continue to improve your website’s authority/reputation and they are a unique opportunity to offer very specific value to your target market.

This is why once your website’s landing pages have been written, our attention turns to developing your blog strategy.

We create targeted blogs that:

  • Answer your audience’s intent: simply knowing how to write isn’t enough – you’ve got to know what to write, and to whom.
  • Are created with psychological appeal in mind – they’ll be so promotable, sharers will receive praise and recognition from their followers for reposting your content
  • Fulfil your company’s overall business objectives

Our content specialists write blogs that work. Whether it’s a how to guide, a list-style article, a formal piece for an industry publication, a product review, an interview, a magazine- style piece, or a bio that will increase your bottom line, we’ll make it happen.

Content Analysis: Measuring Your Success

We don’t just throw content to the wind and hope something sticks. Aside from initial research and planning, a large part of our content strategy involves reviewing what aspects of your content marketing campaign perform best and adapting accordingly.

A few of the measures of success we use to evaluate content performance include:

  • Page views
  • Time spent on page
  • Number of external links to content
  • Engagement statistics (comments, likes, shares)
  • Conversion rates
  • Traffic

Our monthly reporting system ensures that your account manager will keep both you and your dedicated content writers in the loop at every stage of your campaign.

Introducing the Content Team

What makes a website’s visitor to action? The work of a skilful content writer.

At Kymodo, we employ content writers with diverse educational and working backgrounds and use their different thinking styles, skills and working styles to create the best value content for our clients.

By combining tertiary educated writers from marketing, journalism, social media and communications backgrounds with carefully constructed content plans that support your objectives, we produce market-leading writing for any business or product.

Want to know who is working on your website? Meet the team.

Our Editor

Jade Mudri

jade-mudriJade is the Kymodo team’s go-to guru for all things content and social media.

After graduating from QUT with a Bachelor of Journalism, Jade went on to supplement her skills with post-graduate studies in Publishing and Communications at the University of Melbourne. With a particular focus on copywriting, digital media and social media management, Jade has built a solid skill set in communications and web marketing.

Jade joined Kymodo in 2014 as a content writer, immediately raising the benchmark for unique and engaging content production for clients in all industries. Jade’s natural flair for writing and her ability to create a trustworthy voice for any sized business led to her role’s expansion into social media management early on in her Kymodo journey.

In early 2016, Jade was promoted to content team leader and she now oversees our valued team of content writers and social media managers as they work to maintain the company’s unique and strategic approach to writing. Jade is a vital part of the Kymodo team, ensuring consistency, professionalism and high-quality content are delivered to every client, every day – all the while maintaining her own content workload.

When Jade isn’t researching and developing content, you can find her binge watching TV shows, on the hunt for local live music, or reading her way through Kurt Vonnegut’s back catalogue.

Our Content Writers

Tania Condren

tania-condrenAs a passionate content writer, social media buff, and marketing whiz, Tania embraces every challenge thrown at her.

After graduating from QUT with a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing and Advertising, Tania applied her newfound skills to help market a number of small businesses, including insurance brokers, online grocery delivery companies, and industry specific software providers. At the same time, she conducted market research on a range of topics for National Field Services – a renowned data collection agency.

Next, Tania moved to Channel 7, where her position as a commercial inventory team leader saw her play a vital role in putting commercials to air for some of the biggest brands in the country including McDonalds, Bank of Queensland and the Super Retail Group.

While working for Channel 7 by day, Tania flexed her digital marketing muscle by night, putting her love for writing to use by creating and promoting her blog and a variety of social media identities.

Tania’s mix of traditional and digital marketing skills, history of working with both small businesses and large multi-national clients, and her genuine interest in creating compelling content and social media campaigns makes her indispensable to Kymodo.

When Tania is not in the office, you’re likely to find her watching the latest musical in theatres, at home delving into some creative writing or Instagramming her food at a local café with friends.


RJ Miso

rj-misoBorn and raised in the Philippines, RJ started his content writing journey with the completion of a Bachelor of Management majoring in Communications Technology from Ateneo de Manila University – one of the country’s most esteemed universities.

After graduating, RJ dove straight into the content creation world, landing a position with an online bookings company that saw him produce content for over 150 local and international clients for the next three years. His work throughout this period included online content production, writing press releases and articles, and managing the company’s branding initiatives.

In 2013, he moved to Australia, earned a Masters in Creative Industries from QUT and began freelance writing and social media managing for a number of Brisbane-based businesses.

When Kymodo found RJ in 2015, his work helping clients develop their online presence proved to be invaluable.

When he’s not at his desk writing and brainstorming content for clients, RJ can be seen lounging in his chair listening to jazz or enjoying a cup of good tea.


Viv Mitchell

Since attaining her Bachelor of Journalism majoring in literature and international relations in 2010, Viv has been employed as a freelance writer by a variety of travel, music, property and news publications. She’s a skilled writer with proven experience producing online copy, newspaper and magazine style articles, press releases, short stories, interviews, technical documents and newsletters.

Aside from being an avid wordsmith, Viv is a social media addict. She loves using her numerical abilities and understanding of news values to experiment with creative ways to grow an online presence. Her favourite social media project involved organically turning a niche music magazine’s dozens of Facebook followers into a community of thousands of highly engaged members.

Viv’s career highlights thus far have included interviews with celebrities like Papa Roach, press releases that snagged responses from state MPs, and retweets of her work from her journalistic idol John Safran.

When she’s not in front of the computer, you’ll find Viv – a remorseless hipster – riding her rusty Schwinn bicycle, working on a facetious rap song or overindulging in second-rate crime documentaries.

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