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SEO For Lawyers in Brisbane

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How can Law Firms in Brisbane benefit from professional and ethical Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? This week we will look at what search terms you should target and how Kymodo can drive your rankings forward.


Keyword research is one of the important factors for any SEO campaign. By driving highly targeted customers to your website and answering their questions on your landing page, you will have a much higher chance of selling your services.

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What Are Australians Searching?

Keyword Avg. monthly searches
legal aid brisbane 720
family court brisbane 590
brisbane law firms 480
marriage counselling brisbane 480
family law court brisbane 480
lawyers brisbane 480
personal injury lawyers brisbane 390
solicitors brisbane 390
brisbane lawyers 320
law firms brisbane 320
immigration lawyers brisbane 260
criminal lawyers brisbane 210
divorce lawyers brisbane 210
family law brisbane 210
brisbane family law centre 170
patent attorney brisbane 170
legal jobs brisbane 170
employment lawyers brisbane 140
dui lawyers brisbane 140
lawyer brisbane 140
migration lawyers brisbane 110
traffic lawyers brisbane 110
brisbane family lawyers 110
brisbane criminal lawyers 110
family law courts brisbane 110
solicitor brisbane 110
legal recruitment brisbane 110
law jobs brisbane 110
family lawyer brisbane 110
law firm brisbane 110
property lawyers brisbane 90
personal injury lawyer brisbane 90
brisbane lawyer 90
top tier law firms brisbane 90
brisbane law firm 90
brisbane solicitors 90
family law solicitors brisbane 90
lawyers in brisbane 70
commercial lawyers brisbane 70
criminal lawyer brisbane 70
lawyers toowoomba 70

Keyword Research and Benchmarking

First thing we do is assess the keywords that you want to target and how competitive those search terms are.

Once we have a list of your keywords, we benchmark what are the main keywords you want at the top. We assign ourselves goals and work hard to achieve them.

Onsite Optimisation

Once your keywords have been selected and benchmarked, we begin the onsite optimisation process. This includes:

  1. Updating title tags
  2. Update meta descriptions
  3. Implement or update heading tags (h1, h2, h3 etc)
  4. Content optimisation – does your site need more relevant information?
  5. Image alt tags
  6. Onsite architecture – does your site have the correct pages created?
  7. Strong tags

The onsite optimisation will be completed during the first month of your SEO campaign.

Conversion Tracking and Improvement

Once the onsite optimisation is completed, we work out how we can improve your conversion rates with conversion optimisation.

We determine your goals and how they funnel through the website. Our improvements may include:

  • Make your contact details more prominent
  • Create contact forms
  • Show testimonials & reviews
  • Create a strong call to action
  • Much more

Offsite Optimisation / Link Building

Link building accounts for 58% of your ranking ability and has the power to improve your ranking positions through ethical SEO or penalise your website through blackhat SEO.

We work on ethical link building via networking, contacting relevant industries and creative content writing. This will generate strong backlinks to your website that will a) improve your traffic and b) drive more customers through those links.

Speak To An Expert

Kymodo is here to help, contact us today to find out how we can tranform your business online.

Call Us On: 1300 596 636 or email us today.

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