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The SEO Checklist

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Google has over 200 ranking factors, which they make slight changes and adjustments to on a daily basis. Below is a list of ranking and user experience factors that should be implemented on your website to a) help improve your rankings and b) increase online conversions.

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Onsite Optimisation

Website Content
Sufficient, relevant and informative content, free of keyword spam. At least 1000 words on the home page, 500 – 800 for landing pages.
Page Titles
Relevant to each page, correct length and free from keyword spam or repetition. Should grab the user’s attention with compelling text.
Meta Descriptions
Meta keywords have been removed. Engines no longer look at meta keywords as a ranking factor; keyword spam is not recommended.
Image ALT Text
Virtually all images contain an alt element that accurately describes what the image is.
Link Structure
A well designed structure that follows a logical path with minimal tiers involved. Keep it simple for users and engines alike.
URL Structure
Similar to link structure, the site’s URLs make sense to the user and are easy to follow e.g.
Page Headings
Headings (ie h1, h2 etc) immediately portray what the content is about and use target keywords to a reasonable degree.

User Experience

Call to Action
Site has a prominent call to action, at least on the home page. Make it as easy & compelling as possible to contact you.
Clickable Number
Phone number is clickable so mobile users can simply tap the number to call. <a href=”tel:123456”>123456</a>.
Mobile Friendly
Website uses a responsive design or uses a mobile version so mobile users can easily use your site without frustration.
Contact Information
Contact information is easily located somewhere obvious, e.g. a Contact Us page, sidebar etc.
Navigation is simple, logical and easy to follow. Users should be able to figure out where to find various products or info without digging.
Site Speed
Navigation is simple, logical and easy to follow. Users should be able to figure out where to find various products or info without digging.
Overall Design
Overall website design and layout is clean, functional and free of HTML/CSS errors. Your product/service is clearly identified.

Backlink Profile

Inbound Links
Inbound links come from legitimate, relevant websites with reasonable trust and citation flow.
Anchor Text
Anchor text is most commonly your website name and/or variations of your URL followed by your main keywords.
Trust/Citation Flow
Trust and Citation flow is reasonable, relevant to your industry. This can vary wildly depending on your field.

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