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Powerful SEO Is Just Like Losing Weight

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With over 50 billion indexed pages on the internet, (and growing daily) being found is becoming more and more important to the average business. Part of being found is in your site structure, being user friendly and easy to follow, and part of it is how the search engines see your site and its content.

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Effective Search Engine Optimisation includes a lot of factors that make sense, but may not necessarily get done, due to things like time restraints, level of understanding and interest just like losing weight.

Losing weight really is simple in its most basic form, use more calories than you consume for SEO in its simplest form, make great content and have relevant links but there is much more to each component.

Plan to Succeed

In order to lose weight, you need to set some goals and have a plan to achieve them. You may have mini goals of a few kilos a month, as well as the larger picture of 10, 20 or more kilos. Your plan may involve no more chocolate, stopping drinking soft drink, eating more salads, having lean meats, no take out for a month, as well as increasing your exercise.

To have powerful SEO set some goals as well. How many followers do you want on your social platforms, how many more sales would you like, how often will you write blog posts, how often will you refresh your site. Then your plan may include updating title tags, or meta data, some new images, perhaps a site restructure or adding some more relevant content.

Be Prepared to Change Your Plan

Just like any diet or exercise plan, things happen that are beyond your control that will have a direct effect on your progress. You may get sick or an injury, a co-worker has a birthday party with your favourite New York double baked cheesecake, you get invited out to drinks, dinner, the movies… and of course the choices of good food are limited. Don’t beat yourself up, a small setback doesn’t undo everything you have done, simply get back on track and remind yourself of how far you have come already.

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With SEO there are changes beyond your control as well, Google brings out an update that affects the work you have been doing, it’s the year end and people can’t afford luxury items, seasonal changes and trends, maybe a bad review on Yelp. All of these can have an effect, but they cannot undo all the hard work you have done. While you may slip back a little, continuing on with doing white hat procedures will get your site back on board.

Allow Time for Success to Occur

Most adults have tried to lose weight at some point in their lives, with varying degrees of success. Doing an ’overnight’ diet plan may have some immediate results, but doesn’t last long term.
Quite often after doing some kind of diet plan you end up bingeing and putting the weight you just lost (and often more) straight back on. Ask yourself, how long it took to put the weight on in the first place, and remind yourself that it will take at least that long to lose it. If you are moving forward month to month, it is still progress.

SEO is also an ongoing process. You may find a ‘quick fix’ to bring your website up in the rankings, but long term it can end up hurting you, or even having you further down that what you were to start with. Make good choices, monitor it regularly, and look at the big picture to get a real feel of how you are going.

Use Expert Training

Generally, we don’t have the expertise, or the time available to learn all about the field and how it will be best for our own individual circumstances.

The greatest way to get results in weight loss is to use the advice and guidelines of someone who is an expert in the industry. A personal trainer can guide you on posture, technique, nutrition and other fitness advice that can give you benefits long term.

As a business owner you usually have enough on your plate to worry about ‘how’ to make your website better and more visible. Using an industry expert can help you gain visitors, rankings, visibility and sales, ultimately helping your business bottom line.

Just like losing weight, the only way to fail with SEO is to do nothing. Make a start, even with a basic plan and you will see some improvement while putting your feet on the path to success!

How do you like to think of SEO?

I’ve heard plenty of crazy comparisons over the years, what do you think SEO is most similar to? Leave your comments below!

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