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How to Make Your Phone Number Clickable

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Adding the Link

Adding the link is very simple, all you have to do is place the phone number inside the usual <a> tags and include tel: at the start of your hyperlink reference (href).


In its most basic form, your clickable phone number should look something like this:

<a href="tel:123456789">123 456 789"</a>
Appears like this: 123 456 789

The usual link formatting rules still apply here so you can include title text, CSS styles and additional text in the clickable portion:

<a class="phone" href="tel:123456789" title="Call now, don't miss out!" >Call Us: 123 456 789"</a>
Appears like this: Call Us: 123 456 789″

More Info

Smartphone User
As mobile device usage continues to grow at an incredible rate, users are getting used to attractive mobile or responsive designs with simple functionality.

Whether you want to drive phone calls or just make life easier for your visitors (which is always a good idea!), simply listing your phone number on the site is not enough. Some mobile browsers will recognise a phone number and provide this functionality for you but this only accounts for a portion of your site visitors.

Making your phone number a hyperlink is takes just a few seconds and means that you’re just one tap away from receiving a call.

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