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Bringing an Emerging Service into the Digital Limelight

House Call Doctor was a new entrant in an emerging and competitive market, and looked to a number of providers with the objective of improving search visibility and market share through digital efforts.

With this goal in mind, House Call Doctor wanted to see a significant improvement in search rankings in a 6-month timeframe.


Prioritising Fixes for Results-Driven Solutions

Kymodo identified the site’s limiting factors, including areas that required immediate attention, and planned a targeted SEO strategy to fix these issues and dramatically boost site traffic, rankings and conversions.

We developed 18 unique pages of content across the site, worked closely with an external development team to resolve onsite issues, and identified a number of valuable business opportunities through extremely relevant, high-quality local and regional links from important directories and industry stakeholders.

Results Driven Solutions By Kymodo

Implenting a proven approach of auditing, fixing, opimising and distributing, our work on this campaign brought the rising brand into the spotlight and ultimately established a very young site as a leading source of information and trustworthy home doctor services.


Major Competitor for Top Positions

House Call Doctor approached Kymodo with a brand new site, saw rankings improve very quickly, and is now highly competitive for a number of top positions.
In 6 months they’ve seen:


High traffic keywords improved dramatically, with 340 new top 3 placements.
High Traffic Keywords

A business’ search visibility is measured by examining a number of key metrics, including traffic volumes and ranking position across a theme of keywords.
Measuring Search Visibility
the search visibility since implementation
increase in time spent on site

Visitors now spend more time on the site because of its authority, relevance and supply of quality information.
Increase time spent on site

Organic traffic is quantified by the number of visitors who came to the site directly from Google search results.
Organic Traffic
increase in organic traffic
increase in organic conversions

Organic conversions represent the number of times a goal is achieved, with a direct lead to revenue.
Organic Conversions
A growth in new site visitors was the result of fast-improved rankings and led to the overall increase in conversion rates.
New Site Visitors
increase in new visitors


Kymodo continues to work with House Call Doctor to build and maintain strong online relationships with real businesses and relevant stakeholders, and to leverage regularly produced high-quality content.

We look forward to further improvements in rankings and search strength, enabling House Call Doctor to continue to acquire more market share from incumbent competitors.

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