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Not every business has the time or resources to offer their clients a quality SEO campaign that can achieve the same results as a specialised agency.

Become a Kymodo Partner

Become a Kymodo Partner
Over the years we’ve been contacted by a number of business types who’ve spent far too much time searching for a quality, reputable SEO company that they can rely on, often by trial and error! With the poor reputation the industry has earned and businesses still being burnt with outdated tactics, finding someone worth recommending can be a tough task!

Rather than forcing your clients to sift through the minefield of options available, become a Kymodo partner and help their business while making yourself some commission for your efforts instead. We’ll even provide you with an exclusive Kymodo Partner badge that you can display proudly on your website.

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Why Kymodo is the Smart Choice

Becoming a Kymodo Partner is about more than just having somewhere to direct your clients who need online marketing. We put a massive emphasis on providing efficient, reliable results for clients across virtually any industry.

We’re proud of the results that we achieve and have no doubt that after a brief sit down with some of our team and a discussion about the way we operate, you’ll be just as excited as we are to get started!

There are so many benefits to partnering with such a strong and reputable company:

  • Competitive rates for your clients
  • A commission incentive structure so the more work you refer, the greater your percentage
  • Work with a local team of experts who are only ever a phone call away
  • Complete transparency and outstanding communication so your clients are always kept in the loop
  • With great ROI, your clients are likely to need even more of your services well into the future!
  • Absolutely no lock-in contracts

When working with Kymodo your clients aren’t just outsourcing to a service provider, they’re essentially paying for an addition to their existing marketing efforts. With customized action plans and constant communication, the assigned specialist works hard to integrate with the team to seamlessly promote the same message – no hassle.

Our Handover Process and What to Expect

Once your Partnership Application has been approved we’ll get to work on our usual new-client process which aims to educate your client(s) on the current status of their website, where they can improve and a bit about what to expect from our team. Naturally, we’ll keep you in the loop as things progress too.

In most cases, our handover process involves a face to face meeting where they can meet the team they’ll be working with.

In this meeting we provide:

  • A free SEO Health Check, including
    • Report card
    • Keyword research
    • Ranking report
    • Brief competitor analysis
  • An outline of what their website needs to improve their search engine rankings and traffic

Once signed up, we’ll get to work quickly by providing:

  • A revised list of keyword research to be confirmed
  • A phone call from their assigned Account Manager where they can begin to establish a relationship with their primary point of contact and confirm the target keywords for the campaign (within 48hrs of payment)
  • A customized 3-month plan to get the project started on the right track
  • Frequent communication throughout the campaign
  • Monthly reports on traffic, rankings and other important statistics for the past month
  • The option to have free access to our online ranking portal where they can keep a close eye on their rankings and see how they compare to previous periods
  • Direct access to their Account Manager if they do have anything to discuss

All of this combined with our long term, white-hat SEO tactics mean great results and visible long-term ROI so your clients can really see where their money is going.

One of the biggest dangers in the world of modern SEO is employing outdated tactics that aren’t in line with Google’s latest guidelines. We have 2 training sessions every single week to make sure our staff are up to date with the latest industry information and provide an outstanding level of work.

Clients of All Shapes and Sizes

A common question when discussing Kymodo Partnership is what type of clients we can take on and the answer is very simple; we can work with any industry from small business to major corporate identities.

While some small businesses unfortunately don’t have the budget they need for a strong enough return, there are no restrictions on the size or type of clients we can work with.

While there is no industry we won’t partner with, some of our most common applications come from:

  • Web design agencies (and freelancers)
  • Graphic designers
  • Video production companies (and freelancers)
  • Print and signage providers
  • Marketing agencies
  • Accountants and Bookkeepers
  • App developers
  • Software engineers (programmers)

Why We Offer Partnership Opportunities

The truth is, we’re excited about the results we achieve and take a certain sense of pride in seeing other businesses “grow with us” as our slogan suggests.

With frequent cold-calling and spam emails from so many offshore providers and sub-par results from some competitors, SEO has earned a bad reputation that we’re working so hard to change. This is the very reason why we put so much emphasis on education from our blog posts to our handover process and what better way to clean up the industry image than through broadening our own scope, working exclusively with other reputable companies?

The Application Process

To make sure we’re only working with other ethical companies who share our goals and business ethics, we do have an application process where we can screen and assess each potential Partner on an individual basis.

This doesn’t mean complicated paperwork and weeks of communication! Our application process requires no physical paperwork at all and takes just seconds to get started. Once your application has been received we’ll begin our assessment and get started with our simple process:

  • You’ll receive a phone call within 24hrs from one of our friendly staff to discuss your goals and ideas and to address any questions you may have
  • For local applications we’ll arrange a brief face-to-face meeting; come to our office so you can meet the team and see just how we operate (you have to love what we do too!)
  • For remote applications, we’ll arrange a Skype call with part of our team instead
  • Finally, we’ll conduct our final assessment and give you another call within 24hrs of your meeting

It’s just that simple! Of course, if you do have any other questions along the way then you’ll have the details you need to contact us directly so we can answer them for you right away. We work hard to provide total transparency and you’ll begin to see this right from the start.

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