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Exceptional Communication & Transparency

A quality digital marketing campaign is a long term investment and you need to know what you’re getting for your money, right? With all of our search engine optimisation and digital marketing services, you’ll receive frequent communication and updates so you’re always kept up to date with exactly what we’ve been doing on your site:

  • Kymodo’s unique 3 phase plan, tailored to achieve the fastest possible results for your site
  • Content drafts to make sure all site changes fit your brand perfectly
  • Access to our online ranking portal so you can see how your rankings have progressed, 24/7
  • Weekly and monthly reporting covering all important factors so you can track your campaign’s progress
Dedicate SEO Account Manager
With all of these factors and a dedicated Brisbane SEO Account Manager who will be available any time, you’ll never be left wondering where your marketing spend is going!

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We’ve Worked With

  • 360 Finance
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Cover Australia
  • TOW
  • Carpet Call
  • Abel
  • Janome
  • Levanta
  • Culture Kings
  • Home Corp Group

Client Testimonial
“Rescued from the mire of the ‘overseas SEO Brisbane experts’ by a company less than 2km from the office! Was skeptical at first after previous bad experiences and countless overpriced quotes, but am now pleasantly surprised and grateful for the results achieved. Long may it continue!

Mark Rogers – Surface It
Why People Choose Us

Why Kymodo Digital Marketing?

At Kymodo we pride ourselves on the digital marketing results we deliver to our wide range of clients. We know how important SEO is to your business and ensure we are bringing you the best possible rankings and results.

What Does Our SEO Service Include?

Each of our search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns look at a wide range of factors to make sure your site is ranking well, attracting targeted traffic and quality conversions so your website is working for you; the way it should be!

At Kymodo we’re all about transparency and communication and we don’t mind sharing important information and educating others on what a great SEO service is all about. This is why we provide so much great information to all prospective clients and cover the important factors in our blog posts.

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What you can expect from Kymodo:

Position and Success Go Hand-in-Hand
Before we even take you on as a client you will be provided with a complete audit of your website, also known as our Free SEO Health Check. During this audit process a member of our SEO team will manually look over your entire site and revise each of the factors listed below. This information will be provided in the form of a Report Card which gives a simplistic overview of how your site is currently performing and what you can do to improve it.

From here we can prioritise these factors and form a structured plan to get you the fastest possible results.

Modern SEO is all about attracting quality traffic that converts but this doesn’t mean keywords and rankings aren’t important. As part of the SEO Health Check we also take the time to properly research your product and provide a list of the best keywords for you to target.

To get the real benefits from your campaign you need to be targeting the right terms!

To get a good understanding of just what you’re up against you need to know what your competitors are doing and just how behind (or ahead!) you are right now.

A lot of planning and decision making needs to happen before we begin your SEO campaign and to really do this effectively its important to know exactly what your biggest competitors are doing and just how competitive their SEO is.

As the Google algorithms keep getting smarter, it is becoming easier and easier to fall victim to a Google penalty. While the simple solution to this danger is to maintain white hat SEO practices, you may have been hurt by previous SEO tactics that were never rectified.

If your site has been penalised it is typically for either poor content or too many bad sites linking back to yours. We will take a good look through both of these factors and fill you in on exactly where you stand and what is needed to get it fixed quickly.

If we look at the changes to Google’s algorithm over the past few years we can see that with each improvement it becomes increasingly good at looking at a website like an actual user. Site structure is included here as well.

The more prominent a link or piece of information is on your site, the more important it is considered to be. If users have to dig through several pages to find important information then this is something that should be addressed very quickly!

After joining Kymodo you can expect:

SEO Specialist
Once you have decided to join Kymodo your campaign will be assigned to our SEO Specialist most suited to you and your industry.They will give you a call within 48 hours to introduce themselves, confirm the list of keywords, and iron out the finer details of the project so they can get started. This way you know exactly who you’re dealing with and have an immediate point of contact if you ever do have any questions.

Of course, if you do ever feel like you need to escalate an issue further you’re welcome to contact the SEO Manager directly as well.

With so many factors to consider, an effective campaign must be well structured and tailored to your specific situation.

To be sure you’re getting the fastest possible results from your current situation, your SEO Account Manager will provide you with a tailored 3 phase plan, unique to Kymodo. This plan will outline the areas that will be worked on throughout your campaign, devided into 3 distinct phases so you know exactly what to expect both now and into the future.

If your site isn’t already set up with Google Analytics tracking or you don’t have access to the current login for it, we can take care of this quite quickly.

Google Analytics allows us to track a massive amount of important data on just how many people are visiting your site and how they interact with it. This can be an incredibly useful tool to improve the amount of business your site is generating overall.

Another of the Google tools, GWMT allows us to perform important tasks like submitting a sitemap, check the crawl status and read any relevant errors and notifications to make sure everything is on track and working correctly.

With continued revisions of the “Google Panda” updates, their algorithm is looking more and more at your onsite factors like page titles, content and structure.

Unless your site is suffering a penalty from poor backlinks, we will typically start by revising your onsite optimisation and making all major improvements as quickly as possible. This alone often sees ranking improvements while also making the biggest difference to user experience.

How quickly your website loads to your visitors on both computers and mobile devices will play a massive role on how well your website ranks in Google.

Our highly skilled designers and developers will help get your website loading faster and more effectively than ever before. Once your websites loads faster, your rankings can improve, bounce rates decrease and potential customers stay longer on your site.

A large part of your onsite optimisation will involve new content. The current industry standard for competitive search terms is a massive 1500 words per page as a minimum.

Achieving this kind of word count for each important page on your site can be quite a task but something our team are certainly well versed in with effective content strategies and experience. We take the time to really understand your products and branding and write effective and compelling content to suit.

There really is no such thing as “SEO Content” any more, just high quality content that genuinely helps your visitors and showcases your product or service in a positive light. A natural distribution of the right keywords will come naturally with great content.

Just like onsite, Google algorithms are continually updating to better detect poor backlink profiles so of course, quality is always going to be better than quantity.

Some tactics will work better for your industry than others so our Specialist will be able to put together a list of link opportunities that pass not only link value but also referral traffic. This can be a tough task but in a modern SEO service it is absolutely worth the time and effort, particularly since link building is an ongoing task that will continue for the life of your campaign.

An XML sitemap is a single .xml file that can be added to your site and submitted to Google Webmaster Tools to allow their crawlers to better understand your site.

It is a rather simple task to complete but something so often overlooked.

Once the most important ranking factors have been taken care of, the focus will switch to the user experience.

  • Is your site visually appealing?
  • Does it have a clear and compelling call to action?
  • Is the contact/buying process as simple as possible?
  • Are your contact details easily accessible?

After all, you don’t just want people to look at your site, you want them to either buy your product or contact you in some way! Since Google does actually look at how users interact with your site, conversion optimisation even helps your rankings to a minor degree.

At the end of each month’s work you will receive an update and monthly reports to show just how your site is performing, what tasks have been completed for the month and what is planned for the following month’s work as well.

This overview will be accompanied by a complete ranking and traffic report so if you are someone who wants to look through ALL the data, its right there in front of you as well.

So many of the people who contact us make some reference to having been burnt in the past and worse yet, they’ve been locked into a contract that prevented them from leaving!

At Kymodo we’re all about great communication and transparency and we consistently achieve fantastic results with our targeted digital marketing strategies. We feel that since when we do right by you and your business and help to improve your business, you’re going to see the benefit in staying with us so we don’t need to hold you captive!

Our Results

Our SEO results vary by industry, budget and competition. Below are actual results from just one of our clients in the highly competitive travel industry. We have also outlined the timeframe of what we accomplished during the time-periods.

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